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It’s all about working with The Design of the Body ™

It’s all about working with The Design of the Body ™ 

“We mentor the Guru within YOU”

We teach practitioners how to energetically assess imbalances and provide the body with what it needs to return to a state of balance. 

Practitioners learn how to guide individuals all the way through a healing process where they no longer need pills or ridged lifestyles to maintain a state of balance. 

Our programs are offered mentorship style to provide a hands-on learning experience to develop practitioner gifts from the inside-out.

We are passionate about helping practitioners seamlessly integrate their current assessment tools while filling in gaps, resulting in their own comprehensive system for long term success, even with the most difficult cases.

Do you believe there is more that can be done to resolve chronic conditions?

Chronic degenerative issues are often linked to blockages within the mitochondria. How do you determine what
toxins are within the mitochondria and what nutrients are needed to energetically restore flow?  “It will be different for each individual.”

What do you do when “cookbook solutions” don’t work?

How do you answer this question from your patient – “When am I going to be done?”

Detoxification takes energy. How do you determine when to detox and when to rest?

How do you identify combinations of toxins compromising detox pathways?

How do you determine which toxins are energetically blocking the cell membrane?

How do you track the movement of toxins out of the body?

Did you know there is a way to energetically measure whether tissue is healing or not?


 We provide useful insight and tools for you and your clients alike.

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